Introduction of services rendered by us

Since 1984, we are one of the top ranking Jewellery Project Consultants in India. In fact, we were among the first one to introduce modern jewellery manufacturing technology in India such as Automatic Programmable Chain Making Machine, including Laser Soldering Machines and Programmable Diamond Cutting Machines from Italy, HMI and PLC based Medium and High Frequency Vacuum Plus Pressure Casting Machines from Germany and Japan and Programmable Heat Treatment Furnaces from U.S.A.

We got this trade recognized as an industry by the Government of India and we were the first and prominent participants in the International Segment of India International Trade Fairs and India International Engineering Fairs being held in New Delhi by the Government of India, exhibiting some of the best jewellery manufacturing machines and equipment from Italy, Japan, U.S.A. and Germany. We carried on this mission further by organizing our own special exhibitions and seminars in different parts of the country to promote quality oriented modern manufacturing technology among jewellery industry.
We were associated as consultants with some of the best equipped and most successful jewellery factories in India, right from planning on paper until their commercial production. We have extended our services to some of the State Government Industrial Development and Investment Organizations in their plans to set-up specialized Gems and Jewellery Industrial parks in India.